Good news for Airtel 4G users, this new technology will also get tremendous network in Indoor

For Airtel 4G users, the company has introduced the new LTE 900 technology. With this technology, users will also get full network coverage and high speed internet access in Indoor. This move of Airtel will provide better network and connectivity to the company’s crores of users. Airtel has made this new technology available to Karnataka Telecom Circle for the time being. Later, it will also be made available to other telecom circles.

The company claims that with the deployment of LTE 900 technology, users will be provided network through 900 MHz band, which offers better coverage in Indoor too. The advantage of this technology will be especially for smartphone users who will get the benefit of additional internet speed. Better Indoor coverage means that users will get good connectivity in multi-story building, office, mall and elsewhere.

The CEO of the company, Karnataka Surendran said, “Our main goal is to provide better network experience to the customers. Airtel 4G coverage will be improved even after the deployment of LTE 900 technology, especially inside homes and buildings. Airtel Smartphone customers will get the benefit of high speed 4G data without interruption. Because of this, users will also be able to pick up HD quality calling through this upgraded network. We are continuously trying to improve our network and bring new technology.


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